Held April 18, 2018

Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies have the potential to change transportation on a global scale. These technologies raise questions about safety, transportation costs, and traffic patterns and congestion. Stakeholders in Southeast Michigan are working to leverage the region’s unparalleled automotive heritage to become the center of CAV technology development. This emerging industry could drive local job creation, talent retention, and economic development, and improve quality of life throughout the region.

CAVs, however, are not just an economic development opportunity. Governments around the region are beginning to think about how CAV technology may dramatically change transportation, infrastructure, and land use.

To aid stakeholders in the Greater Ann Arbor Region (GAAR) in weighing these questions, GAAR convened a webinar featuring experts including the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), Planet M, the Michigan Municipal League, and Ann Arbor SPARK. Speakers addressed the following questions:

  • What should communities be thinking about relative to CAVs?
  • Within what time frame should communities expect to see CAVs on the road? When will they begin to have an impact on our communities?
  • What are the opportunities that CAVs present to help communities address transportation issues or challenges? What threats do CAVs pose?